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Ali G kicks Becks and Posh's ass!

Ali G kicks Becks and Posh's ass!

This guy is as hilarious as he is brilliant! He humiliates the two of them for several minutes and only Posh manages once to maybe sorta answer it sorta witty...

God, David Beckham is so nice and ... boooring, he has troubles to see where he stands...

Ali G: "Beckham, was u into the spice girls before..."

Becks: ... laughs, then gets serious: "No... but i was into Posh!"

There were at least 3 times that Becks started laughing until he reconsidered and answered with a very serious "No." on some questions... What a dork. Posh is at least trying to fight back, you can tell she has an easy game with Becks, she's about to jump into Ali's face for severals times, but hey... This is Ali G, he basically squashes them to pieces and they can't help but laugh... brilliant! This is high comedy! This is Art! Awesome!