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Z Cam!

Z Cam!

Now this is awesome:

Z Camera

This is camera similar to eye toy, but with a major difference: It measures depth instead of light. Why is that important? Because this thing really can "see" your hands, your fingers, your head and doesn't get distracted with background or other stuff. In the vid it is mainly shown as a sort of game device, but actually i think this thing could change the way we use computer radically (and this comes from a rather pessimistic person when the topic is "predicted revolutions").

The guy in the vid mentions it shortly: Minority report! Tom Cruise handling the computer with his bare hands moving in midair looked technically hardly feasible back then, but with it seems trivial. If they could make real holograms aswell, this is the only realistic technology that could make us control these kinds of visuals, because it looks very stable, you don't need to wear special "gear" to use it and this way of controling "things" is just very intuitive, after all: what's easier to handle things than using your hands?

And there are just more and more ideas for it: Think of using that Z-buffer it delivers as a mask for a video image of the same source and voilá! You are within your game! Not just a sily image, no, you are there as a 3D body!

One word: Awesome!