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Milking on the milky way.

Milking on the milky way.

Hay there.

I wanted to talk to you about this trailer of "Star Wars: Force Unleashed" i saw on XBox live, which is... well... just another Star Wars game. The title says "Unleashing the force", and my nerd-knowledge teaching me jedis wouldn't unleash the force and sith would not appear in a george lucasarts advert, we are left for interpretation on what force is unleashed.

So we jump onto the "i gave you Han Solo, therefore i want money forever"-train and endure the lionkingonesque drumsolo to embrace... Peter Hirschmann talking about the summer of '69. No, sorry, 2004. And in an eighter royal or skitzophrenic plural he announces that "We knew we wanted to make another star wars game"Which hits me by surprise, with his track record of 13 (!) star wars games you'd think he might want a break? Trying not to judge the book by the cover i expect to see at least two other people to qualify for an honest "We".

First "We the people": Haden Blackman. And can you believe even though his name and his haircut, he was not invented by George Lucas! His title says project lead.

There is Hirschman again stating that they always had too many ideas... clearly he was hired long after they stopped making great adventure games...

Second "We the people": The president, Jim Ward! Obidient as a little puppy dog, he wants input from George. Seems like something went wrong with the too many ideas problem Peter Hirschman mentioned. Obviously, as they are teamteaching me, there was the idea of a wookie as superhero and my bet is on Hating Blackmail not getting over the traumata of loosing his bobtail to mange or something. Oh, there he is, telling us proudly about how George Lucas kicked his ass about the Wookie Idea, i bet that looks awesome on his resume. There is Hirschmann again telling us about problems with details. There is Jim telling us they didn't understand what Star Wars was about... waaait... Why are you making this game then in the first place?! Dear Lord, i can't continue watching that...

After the recent layoffs all i can see is: Lucasarts really goes down.