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Update from 26. 04. 2009

Update from 26. 04. 2009

Everybody needs somebody to LOVE!

Wow... i just found my personal favourite indi game! And it's called Love! It's a multiplayer first person shooter and i know what you're thinking: Come on, an FPS? Are you serious? Yes i am!

Just watch the gameplay video. The sole programmer of that thing really pulled it off and put enough creativity in it to make it look very promising. I totally dig the graphic style (which comes to me already highly surprising considering that i usually don't like indie graphic style for it was usually done by programmer minds which usually don't have a lot of aestethical spirit). Check out the screenshots, they look like kinda aquarell paintings to me. I want to print them out and hang them on my wall!

And as if i wasn't sold already, the gameplay itself sounds very interesting. One thing i was especially impressed with is the fact that you can change the level geometry quite easily. In that aspect it reminded me to Dungeon Keeper or Magic Carpet. I am quite intrigued why there are not more games like that. It seems to me almost like by improving the graphical possibilities, the world of the games just became more and more fixed and solid. That just now breaks up a little with all those fancy physics engines, but it's still far from the level of those old bullfrog titles. Tell me one recent game where you can create a bloody huge chasm with a single magic spell or where you just totally transformed the level with craters by shooting around meteors! Even in Far Cry:Crysis, where you have a gun that shoots nuclear bombs (!!!) they barely make a ditch into the ground... wtf?! Where did it all go wrong?

So LOVE it is then. As far as i understood the whole game is created in a quite radical procedual way. There are cities, that react to the player and form defenses in an AI-fashion. You can create huge defense networks. With turrets, mines, bombs and the whole necessary stuff. The game is planned to be persistant with around 200 players. DEAR LORD! Just by writing it i get so horny for it, i could jump into my screen and eat up the LED... patience... patience... ARG

I hope it's done soon. Somebody should finance that guy to do nothing else but that! If i only had a lot of money...