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Whats the deal...?

Whats the deal...?

I found a nice litte game called "Alien Assault" on an indie-gaming-site. At first i thought it might be nice, as it is a clone of "Space Hulk", a game my best mate Mike used to love and he looks back in sweet pink nostalgica everytime it's name is said.

Oh god, not a good idea. The game is more than hard. It is unfair. I played the tutorial missions until the flamer/alien-mission. Then i couldn't take it anymore. Thing is: You have six space marines, each of them packed with a flame granade thrower, on the way from one end of a space ship to the other. The problem is it's filled with aliens. Those buggers are quick and pretty much lethal in melee combat.

The unfainess comes with two problems: The aliens spawn in spawnpoints. And those are endless. The ammunition of your granade blasters though is quite limited. Furthermore these blaster have no guarantee to kill an alien, which makes a daring offensive attack on one of these pretty much as surviveable as a round of russian roulette. Endless aliens, limited ammo and random surviveability mixes to a highly frustrating cocktail that only the most masochistic players will happily endure.

Respawning enemies should be a big "Nono" also for indie programmers... goddamnit...