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You are the Sony of my life...

Brilliant. Now i got this beautyful ID-tag for my Playstation Online account additional to my XBox Live account tag here on my blog. But what do my patriotic eyes have to see? The german flag next to my nick! Blasphemy! "This witchcraft can't go on!" i said to myself naively believing in the power of online support. Alas, Sony once again disappointed me, the online support is pretty shitty. I couldn't find any way to email them my sorrow and i had a hard time finding the support forums on the site. I didn't expect to find anything flag-related there, but at least there was a thread about ID-tags... Great! Lets post there! And again Sony managed to drown all my hopes, the moment i tried to post, the "Sony Network integrity indicator" changed from "fully working" to "not really doing all too much"... ARG!

Sorry, Sony, i hate to break this to you as i loved the PSOne and the PS2, but seriously: MICROSOFT KICKS YOUR SORRY ASS AT GAME CONSOLE BUSINESS!!! And thats a shame.