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A little substance helper

Substance is an amazing tool, i think this can be considered a fact by now. At least i had a lot of fun tinkering around with substance designer since version 4 and so far it only improved in the right ways. Even the sour acquisition from adobe doesn't really stop my enthusiasm.

A little annoyance though is the boilerplate nodes you usually create before even you can start to experiment. Setup color nodes for metalness and roughness as well as the normal node plus creating a height output, etc... Nothing horrifying, but yea, it's annoying.


Hence i created a little node that takes care of most of this i call "Quick Height to Textures". It takes a color and a height map and outputs all the rest. Additional parameters for metalness, roughness and ambient occlusion add more variety. Again, nothing amazing, but it shortens the setup time to the juicy experimentation phase.