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Getting good with Godot

Thanks to all the hustle and bustle around Unity recently, i once again thought i should check out the Godot Engine. After all similar to Blender, Godot is having a huge update in the shape of a 4-version number. And so far it's been a nice ride!

While there are still a lot of things i would change about it, my learning project comes along nicely. I'm a fan of Turrican 3 / Mega Turrican and the whole Turrican Saga. And making graphics for a learning project is stupid, so i took a couple of Turrican assets i had found somewhere on the net and recreated a sorta vertical slice version of the game. I even got it to run on my Steam Deck and i'm impressed how painless that was:

I especially like how compact and snappy Godot feels in comparison to later versions of Unity. And so far it doesn't fragment its code base to become the "everything for everyone" as Unity.

But learning is always tough and that certainly doesn't change with Godot. Some concepts are great, while others feel like pulling teeth. But yea, i think i'll try my own little project next, this time in 3D. Let's see wether the Vulcan update is kicking ass as claimed. I'd be all for it!