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Update from 26. 02. 2009

Update from 26. 02. 2009

I hate Windows. And especially Vista. Since i got it on my laptop, most of the time it works actually quite okay... but once in a while it seems to be mad at me or just wants to prove its superior power over a minor subject like me. I don't know. About two months ago i had a little quarrel with it about deleting a file. The dialog that occured between me and Vista was kinda like this:

Oli: "I want to delete this file."

Vista: "Do you really want to delete this file?"

Oli: "(No, i just asked to annoy you...) Yes i want."

Vista: "You need special rights to delete this file."

Oli: "Well, whatever..."

Vista: "Do you want to grant these special rights?"

Oli: "Yes, i want."

Vista: "You can't have these rights. Sorry, you can't delete this file."

Oli goes nuts and kills computer.

Seriously, windows more and more tries to take away the control of the user from his system. This sometimes grows pretty bizarre flowers. Today i needed a maxscript file from my laptop on my desktop computer. Well, shouldn't be much of a problem, the file is supposedly located in the script directory of my 3D Max installation, right? Wrong. I can see the file in the "open script"-dialog of 3D Max, but when i navigate to that folder, the file is simply not there. I have turned on "view hidden files" and "view system files", but no scriptfile. Okay, i had a wild guess: