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Update from 07. 03. 2009

Update from 07. 03. 2009

As i have a lot of spare time at the moment, I'm trying to write some game in Python using Panda3D. So far i like Python a lot. It's just the right amount of complexity without getting over my head. As i'm not a real programmer, i guess it just serves me right.

I tried C#, but i had quite some problems defining an array of types of an own class. I guess i just had the idea C# was python or whatever. The only reason i would love to write in C# is the fact, that i could develop for XNA, which would make it possible to run my stuff on Xbox 360.

But then again, why would i? I own this bloody thing, but so far it has given me a lot of headache. No standard hardware works withit. If you own a PC, you have to buy everything twice (once for the game, once for the XBox live account). My Logitech Steeringwheel, which works great on PC and PS2 is ignored by the 360. And if i want to play online, i have to pay twice. And all this is gets even worse if you consider, that Microsoft is trying to make XBox hardware and XBox live mandatory on Windows aswell (without much success so far). And finally it turned a really funny german journalist into a douchebag. (Okay, that was Microsoft itself, not the console... but who cares...)

I guess the only way they could archive this is by buying Valve and Blizzard (hopefully i'm not waking any sleeping dogs, but then again, who am i?).

Back to Python, lets start nitpicking: Why the hell does a command like "readline" leave a linebreak in the returned string? I mean that command is called "readLINE", so why do i have the need to erase any control chars that just symbolize that very end of that line? Makes me think of a TV presenter reading the additional mimic- and gesture-info from the prompter. "Good morning, Austria. Now turn to guest one. How are you?"...