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Elite Dangerous

Yesterday i wanted  to try the "mining"-feature in "Elite Dangerous". I bought the "my first mining kit" and flew into an asteroid belt around some insignificant planet in an insignificant solar system. This is actually an activity in the game which highly profits from the Oculus Rift DK2, as you have to fly dangerously close to asteroids to shoot them with mining lasers and scoop up the fragments. As such any improved depth perception and environment awareness is highly appreciated!

Having played "Eve Online" and bored myself mining there, i can say: This time it's actually fun! Flying like a little bumblebee from asteroid to asteroid to find lucrative ones has a sorta gold digger vibe to it! With my base equipment it's hardly lucrative yet, but i can actually see myself doing that once i have the money to go pro and the standard contracts cease to be profitable. So far i only have one very basic refinery on my Cobra Mark III, as every further refinery kicks out another cargo extension. But it also means i have to manually dispose any leftover minerals that don't add the the refineries current processed mineral. It's annoying and time consuming, so mining at that stage is hardly more than a hobby.

But well, the game wasn't done suprising me at that point. As i was minding my business mining happily away, time flew. The asteroid belt continued to orbit. All at once the section i was mining in rotated itself into the shadow of the planet and this was truly terrifying! Suddenly i found myself surrounded by black fuzzy shadows that once were clearly visible asteroids. The only way to actually see them were the stars that marked the free space between them, which ruined the DK2 depth awareness thouroughly i got so used to. It made me cringingly aware how well the Rift's amoled-screen is able to reproduce this terrifying blackness of space.

Alas, i aimed for the biggest spot of stars and got the hell out of this uncomfortable place. Trully an amazing experience!