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MEL is crap. Maya Python is crap. And even PyMEL is crap!

Yes, PyMel is crap. It's the best crap you get in Maya, but it's still crap. Take a look:


This SETS a value. And this


RETURNS a value. Finally this


delivers an ERROR. This is not how you're supposed to use Python ffs!!!

Also the "sets"-command is an abomination in Maya python. Actually, it's already in MEL, but at least it sorta follows the idiotic MEL-logic. In python it just batshit crazy. To remove an object from a set, you do this:

cmds.sets( myObject, remove=mySet )

Yes. You tell the "sets"-command to remove the mySet from myObject to actually remove myObject from mySet... head explodes... Oh yea, in pyMel it seems to not accept it's own objects anymore... I give up.