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Update from 18. 01. 2009

Update from 18. 01. 2009

Genialer Ausspruch von meinem Bruder:

"Glaube is etwas eigenpersönliches... so ähnlich wie halt jeder sein eigenes genital hat"

Wie recht er doch hat... :-D

Update from 28. 08. 2008

Update from 28. 08. 2008

Today i want to talk about Firefox, not the browser (which is worth to be mentioned anyways), but the movie from 1982. Great piece, love it. Clint Eastwood rocks!

But the most funny part of it (at least for me as a Viennese-by-heart) is the fact that all the scenes in Moskow were filmed - you guessed it - in Vienna! Watching it seeing all the familiar places stuffed with Soviet Union flags, communist posters and russian signs was quite an interesting experience... and here is my personal guide through the most recognizeable scenes:

Clint arrives at the Airport. I just put this one up for the funny Aeroflot signs placed perfectly right in the first scene in Vienna.

On the drive to his hotel, he's peeking back from the taxi to his follower... or maybe he's just interested in the ÖAMTC-Sign, the austrian club for cars and motorbikes?

Finally, after arriving at his hotel, he takes a walk to some of Austrias places of interest. Here he's passing the Heldentor.

His path leads him just across the street to the Naturhistorische Museum. This has a beautyful garden in front and is quite close to one of my favourite places, the Museumsquarter.

Another fine place for a little stroll is of course along the Donaukanal. I gotta admit, Clint is demonstrating taste in his Vienna-Selection!

He meets some friends in the Wiener Stadtpark. Very beautyful park, a little kitschy for my taste, but hey, it's Vienna after all. It invented Kitsch back around 1600 ;-)

And off they head for the Vienna Metro. Yes, that's what all metro buildings look over here!

This is the interior of that metro station. Great, how they put russian writing on everything visible. And next time i am there, i have to take a look wether that security camera is for real. And if it really was there already in '82...!

They are lucky and reach a train right there. In the evening time this isn't that easy...

Okay, Clint has to hurry a little.

But he does it already like a true Viennese. Congratulation, Mister Eastwood, first test passed!

On the train he can rest a little and watch the russian soldiers patroling at U1 Station Südtirolerplatz, which hints us, that they swapped trains at Schwedenplatz. Pretty silly route, they could have gone much faster by changing at Karlsplatz. Well, Tourists...

On the way out he's passing some russian checkpoint in the station. Nice painting in the background! My guess is that this is U1 Stephansplatz, but i could be wrong. Any guess?

After all this stress of sightseeing, Clint takes a trip to the countryside, passing a poster of the famous Milka-Cow and i can't get around the fact, that i doubt this would have hung in the USSR back then, but nowadays, it's sure possible.

This concludes my little guide through Vienna with the help of Clint Eastwood. I hope you enjoyed! See you soon when i lead you through The Third Man!

Update from 22. 08. 2008

Update from 22. 08. 2008

Okay, heut mal was in Deutsch: Sehr interessantes Interview auf einem Schweizer Fernsehsender mit einem Historiker.

Update from 19. 08. 2008

Update from 19. 08. 2008

Oh, one thing was missing: A big thanks to the people of Ireland for saying "No" to the Lissbon treaty! Lets fight against this piece of military doctrine shit!

Update from 17. 08. 2008

Update from 17. 08. 2008

Yippie! Finally uploaded my video from the pier in Brighton:

Those grannies 're sure shakin' it!

Update from 12. 08. 2008

Update from 12. 08. 2008

Star Wars: Clone Wars is out! Great news for all the super-starwars-fans, but for normal people? Especially for the nagging, pessimistic ones like myself, how does this news apply after all this licence-milking George Lucas had going on recently...?

Well... Bad. Can't say i am especially marvelling about it. It's not like the protagonists could reveal anything new to us, can they? We have seen them more than enough. We know pretty much their full life. We even know what their kids will do, for christ sakes! About how many other movies beside Star Wars hold this fact for you?!

The obvious difference with this same cast as in the prequel movies is: They are now 3D Models. You know, 3D is the magic, that turns everything into gold nowadays. At least that's what the big bosses in Holywood obviously believe, how else can you explain all this 3D junk we got fed recently? I guess it was just a matter of time for a 3D Star Wars movie to show up. For me the 3D novelty has worn off with probably Ice Age 2. This pretty much put the great Ice Age to sleep.

I can spot two groups that might be seriously interested in this instance now: Kids and Fans. And if you're neighter there isn't really any reason to watch this. For Kids the "Rated PG for sci-fi action violence throughout, brief language and momentary smoking" is a definite disadvantage. Leaves the Nerds... Fans i wanted to say. So what do the fans got to say? Here we go: Mental Floss speaks it's mind. And i disagree.

1) "No More Hayden Christensen!"

If the non-presence of something is supposed to be a prove of quality, then this license is in serious problems!

2) "Awesome Anime-Inspired Art"

Three words with A, must be true, huh? Gimme a break. Mixing 3D, Anime and Western SciFi is the dummest thing i heard in a long time.

3) "Clone/Droid Carnage Galore"

Yea, that might tickle me a little, but these scenes are probably just during the end and i can't be assed to watch a movie just for the end.

4) "Jabba’s Southern Uncle"

Oh, for god's sake... Instead of coming up with a new character, they just recycle another one through the family ties bullshit. This license really turns into the biggest family clusterf*** eversince. How many brothers, fathers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nieces and who knows what do we have to endure?! It puts the Waltons to shame! Oh, and another one: I wonder who Ziro the Hutt's brother had to bang to come up with something like Jabba. And especially how these Hutts pull off such a stunt would probably drive tears into any slug-interested biologist's eyes...

5) "It’s Actually Funny"

Finally a reason that might make a difference. But without any glimpse of it, i can't seriously be interested, can i? So unless some friends tell me they laughed their asses off, i don't even care.

6) "A Female Main Character Who Fights"

Pfff... she looks like a little boy, so no real difference there.

7) "George Lucas Didn’t Write, Direct, or Produce It"

Oh well... look up 1) for that. At least he invented the whole thing, kicking him off board sounds to me like they movie studios are giving the fanboys control of the universe. Like one of those that stand in line for a ticked dressed as Darth Vader in bright sunshine. I would say the movie is a success if the story is better than this dudes costume smells...

Seriously, this license is dead meat!

Update from 27. 07. 2008

Update from 27. 07. 2008

Err, wow... this is a 1980s Soviet-era Estonian commercial for meat and meat products.

Update from 18. 07. 2008

Update from 18. 07. 2008

Oh Bryan, Bryan... why had you fall asleep on the last party in your hoody...

Update from 17. 07. 2008

Update from 17. 07. 2008

Yatzhee sums one of the main problem of "Alone in the dark 4" up pretty well:

  • You're not alone.

  • It's not dark.

The rest of his Review is also quite funny once again.

Update from 14. 07. 2008

Update from 14. 07. 2008

Austrian Government is history once again thanks to the idiots sitting in our parlament unable to work out some compromises. Well, here comes my prank to the situation:

Sorry, austrian. ;-)